Friday, August 3, 2012


Last week my husband and I had the chance to spend some quality time with family in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  While we ate in a few good restaurants, see my next post -"Honorable Mentions - PDX", the stand out meal was at
The Woodman Tavern Restaurant and Bar
4537 SE Division Street
Portland Oregon
The meal here is everything the name implies, not for the vegetarian crowd.  Luckily non of us are vegetarians.  We started with a round of drinks that included a yummy rum cocktail served in a saucer glass called a Bermuda Yacht Club.

The waiter explained that while they would try their best with my meal, there still is gluten in the kitchen.  He helped me order and we kept it simple, no sauces or fried anything to be safe.

We started with an octopus appetizer.  Well made, not chewy or over done.  They were very tender morsels of deep sea treasure that melted in your mouth.  I tried one each of the 4 kinds of local oyster they had on hand.  These were four of the freshest and sweetest oysters I've ever tasted.  Like eating pure sea butter.

For entrees Joel (my BIL) ordered the Braised Rabbit, presented and consumed with great care.

My husband, Danny, had the Crisy Pork Shank.  Slowly braised for hours and then finished in the frier.  He was in hog heaven.

Minnie (my dear MIL) and I opted for the Whole Roasted Trout.  Deboned perfectly, not one piece of cartilage left behind. Moist, flavorful and a pleasure to eat.

Adding the outstanding selection of great local brews and wines and this place wants for nothing.
Now for the dessert.  We consumed them so fast I couldn't get a picture.  There were 2 key lime pies with a coconut and ginger crust - gluten free! - now just empty jars.

Bottom Line -
Cost for oysters, appetizer, 4 entrees, 2 desserts, 2 rounds of drinks & tip (no tax) was $220.
Would I eat there again - next time I'm in PDX
Decor is dark wood like a hunting club, very tastefully done.  Nice romantic spot for carnivores.
We dined on Tuesday July 24, 2012

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