Monday, July 23, 2012


Mesa Grill 
102 Fifth Ave
NYC, NY 10011

On this day I had lunch with my knitting friend, Susie, and a couple of her tweetie friends, Linda and Sheri.  They wanted to explore LionBrand Studio so Susie suggested Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill.  Both are located just west of Union Square.
I have eaten here before and have not been disappointed so my mouth began to salivate as we approached the restaurant.  Today was just as good as every other time.
They are very helpful with my gluten intolerance and so knowledgable about the items on the menu that it helps to put one with a food issue at ease.
Susie eats light so she had an appetizer of the blue pancake with duck

Linda, a vegetarian, had the Chile Relenos'

Sheri and I had burgers, hers with a bun - mine without.  Gluten free fries with a light southwest seasoning from a dedicated fryer!

Burger was moist and cooked to perfection.  It was also large enough to share so I didn't get to eat too many fries.  Nice tomato and soft grilled onion with red leaf lettuce underneath it all.  Yum, I have been on a kind of burger kick lately.  Good thing so many restaurants are doing good burgers and Mesa is among the best.
For a nice lunch from an iron chef head on over to Mesa Grill

Bottom Line
Cost 1 appetizer, 3 entrees, 3 ice teas, tax & tip - $90.00
Would I eat here again - already have
Special attraction- Chef Bobby Flay, nice decor/ambiance including the bathroom.
We lunched on July 10, 2012