Monday, October 28, 2013

Umami Burger - Greenwich Village

432 6th Avenue
New York, N.Y.  10011

"I don't get it"  "I don't either.  It's just a burger right?"
"Look at all those people waiting! For a burger!?"
"What is it about those burgers that makes all those people wait.  Look at that line!"

Several times, as I have walked by the East Coast outlet of the 
West Coast Burger joint called Umami Burger, I have heard these phrases verbalized.
I have verbalized them myself - then I ate at Umami Burger.

A lot of burger places have opened around 
New York and a few other places over the past few years.  
Mostly they are just hamburger places.   
Your basic meat patties on a choice of well made artisan buns, imported cheeses, slab bacon.  
Lots of flavors piled on top of the basic meat patty.

Well here the meat patty is well seasoned, 
cooked to perfection as ordered and anything but basic.  
And thats just the beginning.  
You won't notice the absents of salt and pepper shakers on the table 
until someone points it out because you won't be reaching for them.

Fries come with sauces - not everyday ketchup but Umami ketchup. 
Just the right mix of flavor to tingle the tongue.  

Here is a peak inside of a perfectly cooked to order, 
perfectly seasoned and piled high with the perfectly flavored toppings. 

Bottom Line - 
2 burgers, one sweet potato fries and one regular, 2 soft drinks and a tip was $50.00
Average price of burger platters around town is $15, so they are right in there.
Avoid the line by eating a little earlier or later then the usual crowd.  
Unfortunately, they are not doing take-out. . .yet.