Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Honorable Mentions - PDX

We ate well while in Oregon.  
People in Portland treat their tastebuds good.  
Here are a few of my favorites.

One of our first meals was a lunch at Hawthorne Fish House.  A gluten-free fish and chips joint.  No cross contamination to worry about here.  The entire restaurant is gluten free and fabulous.  My wheat-eating family also loved the food.  We ordered halibut, cod, shrimp and clam strips between us.  All came with fries.  All were very good, crisp and not greasy.  I hear they also have GF batter fried fish.  Next time.

Tacos are one of my favorite foods.  ?Por que no?, also on Hawthorne, is the place to eat really good tacos and drink one of the best Margarita's with fresca (fresh fruit flavorings) you'll ever have.  My white raspberry Margarita was so good I had another.  The food is fresh and made to order.  The place is colorful, loud and ready for a good time.  Kids, both adult sized and smaller, are welcome.

My last mention goes to a really inventive ice cream shop named Salt & Straw, pictured above.  Not your regular kiddie fare here.  Flavors tickle the mind, and with free samples, your tastebuds too.  Some of the flavors we tried were Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Cracked Pepper, Pear with Blue Cheese and Honey Lavender.  My hubby settled on a cup of Almond Brittle with Chocolate Ganache.  I had Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


342 East 11th Street
New York City, New York 10003
Anyone from New York City knows Veniero's.  
It is one of the oldest and best bakeries in the City.  
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Veniero's at a very young age.  
I went to school across the street.  
Its as good now as it was then.
One of my favorites as a child was a Millefoligies - a napoleon with cream instead of custard.
I have since discovered that I am gluten intolerant and that Veniero's has a gluten free pastry.
Hence my selection of this Diamond Baci, a slice of GF heaven.
They also have a great selection of dessert aperitifs and coffees.  
If you happen to be anywhere in Manhattan -
head over to 11th street just west of First Avenue and
have a piece of pastry like your Grandparents ate.