Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I'll be catching up a little in the next few posts.  Its not that we haven't gone out or that the restaurants are not up to a review, we've just been too darn ___________ (you fill in the blank).


8 Little West 12th Street
between 9th and Washington Ave.
NYC, NY 10014
Weeknights for dinner only
Weekends for brunch, lunch and dinner

I have realized lately that some still think of French food as heavy with creams and sauces.
And while it is some of that it is also a whole lot more.

Clean flavors, delicate seasonings that let natures palette shine through. That is Paradou.
So I'll start with this little gem on Little West 12th Street.  Some French Riviera on the Hudson River.

The decor is French Provence and so is the menu.  Table tops from wine crates, very high ceilings, a garden in the back and very relaxed.  You will hear a lot of French spoken here by your fellow patrons (always a good sign)

Annie started with a glass of Champagne and I had a glass of house rose from Provence.
We decided on a dinner of appetizers,  making our own tasting menu.

So here we have a Lobster roll without the roll . . .

A fabulous bowl of mussels with broth which we did drink out of the bowl (we used spoons) . . .

Foie Gras Brule . . .

Nicoise salad for me  . . .

Decadant Duck for Annie . . .

I am a fan of French cuisine.  And this place is a prime example of good French food.  Not a heavy sauce in sight!

Bottom line -
Great place for a date or just to meet friends.  Nice garden in back.  Off the river and a few blocks from the HighLine.
Dinner with drinks and tips was about $150.  We used a Savored reservation and got 30% off the bill.
Yes I will be eating here again with or without the discount.

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