Thursday, June 28, 2012


Cooperstown Diner
136 1/2 Main Street
Cooperstown, NY

My husband and I went to Cooperstown to see the Baseball Hall of Fame yesterday.  Cooperstown is a great small town. During the tourist season the men seem to outnumber the women by 50 to 1.  Before you single girls get your hopes up let me just say the majority of the boys are about 12 - you know little leaguers.  And 12 year olds have hearty appetites so restaurants abound.  We needed a little insight to help us decide.

While waiting on line to enter, we got to talking with a very nice museum tour guide and we asked him where we should eat in town.  He said he eats in 2 places - The Cooperstown Cafe and the Cooperstown Diner.  Before I could say another word he said "If you want a good burger go to the diner.  I eat there everyday."  I love a good burger so the diner it was.  If you blink you might miss this place - its what we call a hole in the wall, but worth looking for.

How do I describe these burgers?  Fitting for a Major League ball player!  In a word - huge.
My comment when the burger came was "Oh my my!"

The yellow is mustard I covered the cheese and bacon with.
We both ordered the deluxe burgers with lettuce, tomato and a side.  I got mine with the gluten-free no bun bacon and cheese with a side of cole slaw option; my hubby got his burger with bacon and onion rings.  He loves onion rings and these were just the way he likes them - real onion rings, sliced thick and batter dipped.

The website says that this is "the biggest burger in the smallest diner"  It should add best to that statement . This is one of the best burgers we have had anywhere.  It's about half a pound of 100% pure beef cooked perfectly to order.  My hubby and I were pondering just how they might go about cooking something this thick so perfectly without burning any part of it.  It was juicy and cooked as ordered throughout, not just around the edges.

We also ordered 2 fresh brewed iced teas. Yes they were fresh brewed and yes they came with free refills.  As you can see from the size of the burgers - we skipped dinner last night.

Bottom line -
Lunch with 2 platters and 2 drinks, tax and tip - $27.00
Would I eat there again - yes but I would probably share the burger.
Special attraction - go for the burgers or breakfast (which is served all day)
We dined on June 27, 2012

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